Maravon is a FinTech consulting and shared services company that incubates and develops solutions for big financial markets that are yet under- or even totally unbanked. Our goal is to make a contribution to a healthy progress of world financial markets.

Maravon Trading Platforms
Emerging markets are not only regionally defined markets. For us, the term 'emerging markets' means trading in new asset classes. And we are working on technology solutions that develop these markets, ensuring they do 'emerge'. Jörg Hörster

Maravon Markets

Through our subsidiaries we deploy and operate digital markets that turn illiquid assets into tradable securities.

More and more market participants are looking for exposure to emerging, still illiquid asset classes to gain higher returns. Maravon's subsidiaries develop selected “emerging markets“ through consortia formation and trading platform developing projects, sponsored by natural key “liquidity owners“.

Our first subsidiary is TrustBills GmbH. TrustBills is a trading platform for trade receivables. Suppliers sell receivables from their customers in a 'true sale' by starting an automated bidding contest among institutional investors. Suppliers obtain an advanced payment, higher than any factoring company may offer, while eliminating credit risk and contracting their balance sheets at the same time. Suppliers, who will use TrustBills, face better total capital ratios and better credit risk scores immediately. Investors enjoy attractive investment opportunities with comparatively very high yields at the short end.

Maravon Consulting
If you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what's next. Steve Jobs

Maravon Consulting

We help financial services firms master modern business development. Our services encompass development of new business areas, business digitization as well as due diligences and firm strategy work for FinTech-oriented M&A-transactions.

We serve clients, acting in the following financial services:

  • securities trading & risk management
  • corporate and investment banking
  • consumer and small business banking
  • wealth management, asset management & retirement
  • international trade & payments
  • insurance

We support our clients in the functional areas of:

  • design and implementation of future business concepts
  • corporate restructuring, growth achievement and tech-adaption through M&A
  • front-to-back end digitization
  • capability building training programs


Our commitment to our clients: innovations, being finest in finance


Maravon was founded in 2006 based on the understanding that financial markets are undergoing some radical, structural changes driven by technology, world demographics and customers’ learning curves. Our closely connected, creative thinking culture encourages cross-functional collaboration, intuition and a meritocratic ethos.

Leadership team

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JÖRG HÖRSTER — CEO Maravon GmbH & TrustBills GmbH

Creative visionary ・ entrepreneur ・ inspiring project leader ・ co-inventor of leading business concepts & software for banks ・ "personified Finance-Wikipedia" (client quote) ・ valuation master ・ venture capitalist ・ math-loving business economist ・ e-guitarist ・ tennis and skiing fan ・ travel enthusiast, esp. China, USA and the South of France

Experience: Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Fact Consulting,
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YVONNE HARR — Marketing

Brand developer ・ marketing campaign manager ・ graphics and presentation designer ・ Apple and Adobe Pro-tools wizzard ・ creative workflow perfectionist ・ talent recruiter ・ center of good mood

Experience: Ernst & Young, Metzler Consulting, Fact Consulting
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Law genius in media, copyright, commercial, corporate and capital market law ・ expert for financial and non-financial marketplaces including such as secondary ticketing markets ・ author on law for the event industry ・ chief counsel of the Federal German Association for the Concert and Promoters Business ・ game author and gamer ・ avid jogger

Experience: Prinz-Neidhardt-Engelschall law firm, Michow & Ulbricht law firm
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DR. JAN RUDL — Operations & Research

Mathematics genius ・ stochastics researcher ・ university lecturer ・ financial engineer ・ market economics expert ・ software architect ・ author on mathematical finance ・ church organist ・ opera fan ・ skiing and hiking enthusiast

Experience: Dresden University of Technology
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XU XING-HÖRSTER — Senior Project Manager TrustBills

Product manager ・ software engineer ・ mathematician ・ financial engineer ・ database and spreadsheet genius ・ dancing fan ・ sun-loving travel enthusiast ・ advocator of Chinese food

Experience: HSH Nordbank


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